Importance Of The Mobile Tracking For Business Purposes

Importance Of The Mobile Tracking For Business Purposes

If you own a business and employ people, you must be well aware of how hard it may sometimes become to control your staff. It is not a surprise that people often exaggerate their workload and instead have a rather loose attitude to work. Not to let his happen and make sure that everyone is working at his or her best, you, as an employer, may recourse to mobile tracking solutions. These would generally allow you to be aware of where your workers locate and what they do.

One of the most common cases for mobile tracking usage is monitoring of automobiles used by subordinates. If one’s job requires frequent driving somewhere, an employer may wish to know where the corporate vehicle is and what it was up to during the working hours of the person driving it. Furthermore, for small- and medium-sized businesses with the workforce scattered all over the globe, such tracking tools will help to control their activities and ensure that people are paid for how they actually perform.

Tracking Benefits For Business

Importance Of The Mobile Tracking For Business Purposes

For those wishing to step in the game of employees’ monitoring, here is a number of legal issues to think over. First of all, one has to become perfectly aware of all the labour laws on tracking and what activities are allowed. For instance, if you want to track the GPS location of the corporate vehicle, you are free to do so as you as an owner of this car have acquiesced to this activity. However, for cases with private car owners, the law implications differ.

Here is the list of the most efficient monitoring apps used for business purposes nowadays:

  • Hubstaff: this one offers GPS and location tracking, tracking of working time as well as setting of the weekly work hour limits, invoicing and automatic payroll options, not to mention the online timesheets.
  • Hellotracks: is a perfect choice for people involved in logistics, sales and delivery. Apart from time and location tracking, employers get notified when a certain task is completed and may continue assigning new ones.
  • MyGeoTracking: has alike functions to the ones in Hellotracks, but it is also a good solution for white collars.

Another issue to take into consideration is privacy of the person. Generally, the more data you record and store on employees, the more you risk it to be compromised or hacked. Since you as an employer have to protect the data recorded on each and every worker, excessive data gathering subjects you to huge risks. Therefore, you have to decide what exactly matters to you and track these activities only.


To wrap things up, monitoring the location of employees seems to be especially beneficial to businesses both large and small. By using the mentioned above instruments, managers can make better decisions and assign tasks more efficiently. This is not to mention that they will be more aware of what is really going on in the company and among the workers.

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