Guide On Tracking Child’s Phone For Free

Guide On Tracking Child’s Phone For Free

In the modern digital era,  people got used to conduct an instant communication and thus be constantly aware of everyone’s activity and life updates. However beneficial it may seem, there is an doubtful downside of the situation since as soon as someone does not answer a message or phone call, you are likely to start worrying and get stressed out. When it comes to children, the situation is even worse, especially for overprotective parents.

Imagine your child was so occupied playing with his or her friend that missed your call and did not check the phone for quite some time. Unless you know where the kid is, you will definitely become stressed out and frightened. In order for parents to have a more relaxed and empowered lifestyle, developers have invented tracking apps enabling parents to learn about their children’s location and thus have a little bit less stress in this uncertain world.

Free Tracking Apps

Guide On Tracking Child’s Phone For Free

One of the obvious advantages of the digitalization is that children easily puzzle out how to use different devices and thus can remain connected to their families. However, apart from being able to connect effortlessly, online world also poses a number of threats such as cyberbullying and exposure to an inappropriate and offensive content. These issues have either be openly discussed and explained to kids or controlled by parents.

For cases when simple 24/7 connection is not enough and parents wish to know the precise location of the child, the following free apps may be especially useful:

    • Spyzie: this app is supported by both Android and iOS and allows to track a variety of things on the child’s phone. The app allows you to track and monitor GPS location, texts, call history, Internet usage, and even photos. Spyzie also has a feature of geofencing or in other words, setting of the clear boundaries for children not to cross. Once crossed, parents receive a notification.
    • Hoverwatch: with extremely convenient user interface design, this service enables parents to see the up-to-date location of their child while also see the location history. Being available on Google Play app market, it becomes easy to install the app without the need to root any device.
    • Life 360: is a perfect option for the whole family as it lets family members know the location of a child. Apart from getting a precise location of the child, you may even start chatting with him or her in the same app and get to know more about his or her well-being.


To wrap things up, today parents do not need to worry that much about the well-being and safety of their children owing to the variety of services and apps assisting in this. Many apps allowing to track one’s location are available for free thus giving parents peace of mind and freedom of actions. If you are still among the constantly stressed out parents, make sure to consider one of the mobile tracking options!

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