Legality Of Phone Trackers

Legality Of Phone Trackers

Action movies depict phone tracking as a part of a daily routine for movie heroes. It is easy to do, easy to execute and almost impossible to detect. Let us assure you that it is all true. Mobile trackers are growing in power and functionality and, literally, can track and monitor everything on your phone, be it a location in real time and text message or social networks.

Legal to track your phone

But is it legal for somebody to track your phone or is it legal for you to track somebody? The laws are quite murky regarding that, but still, it is never a good thing to be sued.

We decided to go down that slippery slope and discover all possible pitfalls of mobile trackers.

Tracking your own phone

First of all, there are no issues to track your own phone. Legally, you need a consent of the phone’s primary user to lawfully monitor its location and other information. Of course, since you are the primary user of your own phone – you can do whatever you want with it. Why? Well, if your phone gets lost or stolen – it will be very easy to find and retrieve it back.


As it was mentioned earlier, consent of device’s user is a key factor to lawfully tracking it. Certainly, if we are talking about your own kids – it is not necessary, but still, it might be reasonable to tell your children that their devices are being tracked for their own safety to respect their private lives.

Voice recordings

Phone Trackers

Laws are very misty if we are talking about retrieving voice recordings from somebody’s cell (and a lot of trackers can do that nowadays). Then again, the person’s consent is essentials unless you are working for the government or authorized by the government official to record a certain person’s voice or listen to their phone calls.

The Code of Practice

A lot of mobile trackers have their own Code of Practice that actually excludes using their app for all the wrong reason. The most effective practice is that they would send follow up messages to the targeted mobile phone that will notify the user that they are being tracked and by whom. That way, even if somebody took advantage of your cellphone when you were unaware of it – you will be notified anyway quite soon.


This is something that no laws can state, but it is still very important. Before even trying to use a tracker, please, apply common sense. Just ask yourself a few questions, like “Is it ok to do that?”, “Would I be offended if somebody does the same thing to me?”, If the answers are “Yes” and “No” then everything is probably fine.

We encourage our readers to use mobile trackers responsibly all the time. Do not get yourself and your dearest in trouble.

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