How To Prevent Cyberbullying?

How To Prevent Cyberbullying?

Our real life is closely connected to our internet persona nowadays. We have numerous accounts registered with our real names at different services including social networks, banking, and other facilities. Surprisingly, the amount of “digital footprints” that an average person leaves threading the world wide web is immense and, regrettably, often neglected by the majority of users.

What is cyberbullying

So that is why cyberbullying is often neglected, despite the fact that is a real thing and can have a significant impact on children and adults alike. Do we have any countermeasures to oppose cyberbullies, is there any way to ensure your children’s safety?

We, as parents, can do much more than you might think. We have researched this issue and came up with several fundamental points that will help you successfully prevent and counteract cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Prevent
How To Prevent Cyberbullying


Majority of kids would be hesitant to approach their parents and talk about the issue, If you feel there is a problem if you can identify anxiety, depression or nervous behavior in your kid – do not hesitate to take measures in your own hands. You can always contact the school or your child’s friends to inquire whether there are any issues occurring inside the community.


Preventing cyberbullying is hard. We never know what happens when your kid is chatting with someone on the internet. But you always can do your own investigation. Check his or her social networks to see if there are any aggressive or abusive messages or comments in your offspring’s feed.


Helping your kid to cope with and respond properly to their offenders is a first and most important step of solving the problem. Many parents neglect this, but abusing someone over the internet is easier for bullies as they can stay anonymous and the sole fact that one can say anything without the actual physical contact makes the nature of messages even more abusive.

Get involved

Suggest blocking the offenders or taking a break from social networks to your kid. Try distracting him, encourage him to move on and to not pay attention. Contact the school and notify them about the incidents, if you know the names – let the school know and demand the issue be resolved. You can also try contacting the parents the abusers or even call the police and ask them to investigate. The new government initiatives are forbidding them to refuse as cyberbullying and cybercrime are considered a rather real threat right now.

There are many ways to prevent cyberbullying, but the first and the most important one is caring. Do not neglect the problem as it can get ugly much quicker than you think, be attentive to your child’s mood and behavior. That way you will be able to counteract any problems that go your way.

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